Count Rafford

Last Stop's despotic count.


Count Rafford, a noble of unknown provenance, moved to Last Stop nearly a decade ago and established a keep, taking control of the town’s resources. He rules with an iron fist, punishing infractions with excessive force, and settling disputes where there is no clear right answer by claiming disputed possessions for himself. He is notorious for not using his troops to eliminate imminent threats to the townsfolk of Last Stop, instead seeming to spend much of his time hunting.

He fought for control of a mine to the north of Last Stop with the Gilbardi, until both sides abandoned their claims to the mine. He is allegedly conspiring with the bandit Rona who is working the mine with foreign slaves; she allegedly funnels some of the profits into Count Rafford’s coffers for his protection.

He commands a small retinue of knights, and a troop of mercenaries.

- Denied Dobbs his land grant.
- Willing to sell Hevonen a grant of land on which to build a school.

Count Rafford

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