There are many distinct cultures among Garda, and many places where the line between each begin to blur. Presented below are some of the most prominent cultural groups on the Gardan Peninsula.

The Lowlands
Almany Kingdoms- Spread across the southern plains, the Almany are a simple folk renowned for their horsemanship and warlike ways.

Korukhal- The elite of the Korukhal are among the greatest warriors known to Garda. Their adherence to clan, honor and tradition defines their ways.

Nula’Hiashk- Their name, meaning “No-Horn” in Elvish, was originally an insult. Their people each carve their own destiny among the arcane Kelequin, the extravagant Vaianna, and the penitent Qun.

Ogrdruhai Dominion- While their vie for power with intrigue and blood, fighting over the remains of a ruined empire, their people live in terror of perpetual war, slavery, and massive yearly offerings of blood.

Oceanic Realms
Gilbardi- The Merchant Dwarves dominate the northern trade routes with a combination of wit, shrewd planning, and ruthless strong-arm tactics, brooking no opposition.

Isles of Velos- For the right price, anything can be bought in the markets of Velos. Their time-honored necromantic traditions defines the character of these people.

Liturica- The Eternal Song of Thutrae’a resounds across the sands and coasts of Liturica, her people as fiery as the sun goddess they worship.

The Far North
Druadanatha- In ages past, the horned elves hunted all the races of Garda. Their secretive, and alien culture worships beauty, of which there is none greater than the killing stroke.

Gettish Clans- The Free Folk tend their sheep in the hills and swamps beneath the Godspeaks, engaging in cattle raids and waging bitter blood feuds for as long as any can remember.

Norgrim Hill Tribes- The tribes of Norgrim live short and brutal lives in the bitter north, though varied in their ways they all prize strength above all else.

Skjall- The dwarves and humans of the Skjall scrape hardscrabble lives from the coasts of the Sea of Wyrms and the Shieldback Mountains.

Varang Kol- They make their homes in the wild places of Garda, though the encroachment of civilization threatens lands that their ancestors call home.

Players are encouraged to contribute their own ideas to the world of Garda, by working with the game master to create towns, cities, nations and even entire cultures from which their characters may hail. While there is a set tone to the world, there is still a great realm of unexplored possibilities, too great for one person to create alone.


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