History of Garda

1st Era
Dates in the 1st Era are tracked in reverse chronological order.
c.?: Ruins bearing artwork reminiscent of the Varang Kol hint at an ancient long-lost therian civilization.
c.?: The distant history of the Thulnarion Empire tell of a time of darkness, when djinn and demons ruled over Garda.
c.800-600: Hobgoblins built the first city-states of northern Garda (c.1100-1300:Ogdruic Calendar).
c.400-100: The Druadanatha appear in this world, hunting sentient prey for sport.
c.200-100: Adru’zekharet, Ethemzum, and Nergaul are officially founded (c.1900:OC).

2nd Era
1: The Primarchs emerge victorious over the Unspoken Ones, founding the Isles of Velos.
c.100-700: Skjallic legends and massive ruins point to great kingdoms of frost giants living in the Shieldback Mountains.
289-301: Kastus the priest pens his famous History of Velos, and contributes many writings on the people of the north, forming one of the most complete sources on the peoples of ancient Garda.
c.400: The founding of the Thulnarion Empire.
c.400-600: Adru’zekharet, Ethemzum, and Nergaul begin a long warring period, ending with mutual defeat as famine and disease empty the metropolises of nearly half their populations (c.2300-2500:OC).
c.500-700: Emerging from the forests, many Druadanatha become a new race of elves, known as the Nula’Hiashk.
c.800-1000: The blood cults and castes of the hobgoblins are established (c.2700-2900:OC).
c.900: The Thulnarion Empire assimilates the Illosan Peninsula into their empire, establishing the Province of Liturica.
c.900-1000: Several Skjallic dwarf clans migrate south into the Gilded Mountains, discovering vast wealth and becoming the Gilbardi.

3rd Era
c.50-133: Gilbardan piracy and ruthless business practices erode relations with the Velosi.
88: The Gilbardan king begins demanding tariffs for passage through the Westward Sea.
c.100-300: Many of the Nula’Hiashk abandon their former lifestyles, eventually becoming known as the Vaianna.
133-143: The Velosi-Gilbardan War.
c.200: The Gilbardi drive the Varang Kol west from the foothills of the Gilded Mountains.
243: Prince Ogrdru’zekh of Adru’zekharet occupies Ethemzum and Nergaul, naming himself Dominar of the new Ogdruhai Dominion (3142:OC).
c.250: The Ogdruhai Dominion begins a series of conquests, set to ravage the Almany Plains for centuries (c.3150:OC).
c.250-300: The Thulnarion Empire imposes trade sanctions against the Velosi, setting the stage for war.
c.300: A number of human tribes migrate north due to pressure from the Ogdruhai Dominion, becoming the Getti, as they came into conflict with the Skjall and Varang Kol.
c.300: Orcish tribes from north of Shieldback Mountains begin migrating south through the Nortmark.
303: Thulnarion Empress Sham’a Varknesh declares war against Velos.
312: Empress Sham’a Varknesh begins expanding her empire into the Almany Plains.
377: Nula’Hiashk wizards found the first elven city, calling it Kelequinos.
c.400: The Plague of Tears ravages the Thulnarion Empire; one of many factors leading to its collapse.
409: Empress Sham’a Varknesh succumbs to the Plague of Tears.
c.420: Almanic king, Alric I allies with roaming oricsh warbands from the north, turning the tide of battle against the Ogdruhai (c.3320:OC).
c.450: The peaceful leadership and ministry of the Prophetess Sumayya aids Liturica in recovering from the Plague of Tears and the ravages of war and chaos.
c.450-500: Many of the Nula’Hiashk remaining within human civilization collectively migrate into the Jahati deserts, where they will come to be known as the Qun.
462: Alric II is crowned High King of the newly established Almany Kingdoms for leading his people to victory over the Ogdruhai.
473: The Merchant Lords of the Gilded Mountains establish a constitution, transferring power from the monarch to themselves.
490: With the guidance of the Prophetess Sumayya, Liturica drafts the Three Wills of Heaven, establishing a system of governance unique to itself.
623-625: United under the leadership of Warchief Wethika the Varang Kol raze much of northern Baerun. Warleader Redtusk Hrezgath, of the Korukhal puts down their rampaging hordes.
c.650: The first of the famous Skjallic dragonships takes to the seas.
c.660: In response to Skjallic piracy, the Gilbardi ravage the coasts of the Westward Sea, indiscriminately razing settlement and villages.
794: Alric’s dynasty ends with the death of High Queen Maighread; ending three centuries of peace and progress for the federated Kingdoms of Almany.
c.795-960: The warring period known collectively as the Wars for the High Throne divides the Almanic kingdoms, with Baerun, Delmar, Minara, and Westmarch emerging from the ashes.
827: The martyrdom of the would-be prophet Kerus sends shockwaves through the lands of the Old Thulnarion Empire, his warlike teachings upsetting the ministry of peace upheld in Liturica.
993: Warcaller Urthog stages his coup in Baerun, deposing of King Pepin IV. Declaring himself King, he renames the kingdom Korukhan for rule by orckind.
994: The first mass Land Grants of Nortmark are issued; settlers begin the task of taming the northern wilds and their native inhabitants.
997: The Ogdruhai colony of Nyarat secedes, and seeks allies in the Illosan Sea (3896:OC).
998: Your story begins.

This is the method of tracking time used by the Velosi, and is the primary calendar adopted by all of the local cultures, save the Thulnarion and Ogdruhai Empires. Each track time according to their own customs, though local custom demands their familiarity with the Velosi Calendar as well. Therefore it is the best means of tracking the overall course of history in Garda. Each era after the Era of Legends marks the passage of 1000 years.

History of Garda

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