Presented below are several of the races that inhabit Garda. Discussed within these pages is primarily an analysis of alternate racial features that help connect the races to this setting and/or defining the race as more appropriate for player characters.

Each page will also (eventually) include new alternate race traits to choose from, as well as presenting new racial archetypes, feats and other content unique to the world of Garda.

Dwarf- Variations on dwarven racial traits, representing two distinct cultures.
Elf- Variations on elvish racial traits, representing three distinct cultures.
Hobgoblin- Overhauled to make a more interesting player race.
Human- Heritage traits tie your human characters to their homeland.
Orc- Overhauled to make a more interesting player race.
Therian- A new race of feral, animalistic people.
Undying- A new race, that is a fusion of the living with the souls of the dead.

The following are races from the Advanced Race Guide that certainly have a place in this setting but haven’t warranted a deeper analysis as of yet (maybe you can be the first player to warrant it!): Aasimar, Changeling, Dhampir, Fetchling, Goblin, Ifrit, Suli, and Sylph.

Races that are purposefully not mentioned in this setting are Gnomes, Halflings, Half-Orcs, and Half-Elves. The former two have simply never existed in this world. This settings Orcs and Elves are incapable of naturally breeding with humans or any other race, though this hasn’t precluded unlikely romances.
As of now, these rulings are canon. My attitudes regarding this position have shifted several times over the creation of this setting and will possibly change again. Of course, any other game master is welcome to ignore these restrictions and do with this world as they see fit.


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