As with the many cultures of Garda, there are at least as many faiths and philosophies practiced in deference to a higher power. Presented below are some of the most influential faiths followed by the people of Garda.

Theistic Traditions
Blood Gods of the Ogrduhai

Followers of Thutrae’a

Gettish Pantheon

Skjallic Pantheon


Vater and Mara

Cosmogonic Traditions
The Four Pillars

Mos Maiorum

Three Faces of the War God and the Ten-Thousand Spirits

Varang Kol Druidism

Players are encouraged to contribute their own ideas to the world of Garda, by working with the game master to create the deities and traditions their character may follow, and incorporate them into the world. There is always room for players to create Saints, prophets, and sects within the religions that are already a well established part of Garda as well. While there is a set tone to the world, there is still a great realm of unexplored possibilities, too great for one person to create alone.


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