Elves seemingly take on the aspects of their environment over life, and the Kelequin are exceedingly tall and starkly beautiful, with near porcelain skin and blond to white hair, reminiscent of their White City.

Like the Kelequin, the Qun seem to blend in with their desert homes, as over time their skin has become more tanned, and their hair black like the dark-skinned humans of Thulnaria. They are wider of limb and body than other elves, though no less graceful.

The Vaianna have become as varied in appearance as the humans they surround themselves with, though their bodies and mannerisms radiate sensuality. They are shorter than their brethren, and Vaiannan women have diverged from the near absent gender dimorphism exhibited by other elves, becoming much more curvaceous than their counterparts.

Alternate Racial Traits
Seductive: Some Vaianna take advantage of their natural beauty to get what they want. These Vaianna gain a +2 racial bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks made against someone that could be sexually attracted to them. This trait replaces Gregarious.



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